Flue Fires

A furnace inspection is a matter of safety as well as comfort.

This is a heat exchanger flue pipe in an attic in a Petaluma neighborhood home. We went out to do an inspection by request of the owner who had complaints about the home’s poor heating.

This family is very lucky that they got an inspection!! A major tragedy was avoided.

We found a major fire hazard in the heat exchanger.

Instead of venting to the outside air, as is stated in the code, the vent had been improperly installed without a vent through the roof. The installer left the end of the flue inside the home’s attic.

Notice the black char marks on the wood beams of the home, created by the intense direct heat coming from the furnace. The very hot air was discharging into the attic space and had been SCORCHING the wooden structures of attic ceiling/ rflue-pipe2oof underside!

They are so lucky the house did not burn down!

Harmful conditions can occur with improperly installed HVAC systems that can KILL you in your home.

Besides spotting potential problems and helping your furnace run more efficiently, a inspection technician can find combustion and venting issues that can lead to the production and buildup of deadly carbon monoxide.

Call today and have your furnace inspected before it is too late!