Proper Care and Cleaning of Ductless HVAC Systems

Evidence From the Field: Job Pictures

AC unit in disrepair after only 2 years without professional maintenance

BELOW: A nice Fujitsu mini split 2007 indoor unit after 2 years of no professional maintenance. The owners cleaned the air filters, but it still was not enough, and we received a service call that this AC was frosting up with low air flow.


Cleaning the evaporator coil

BELOW: The evaporator coil was carefully exposed and cleaned with blown air and a coil brush.


BELOW: Dirt embedded deeply in the coil. This unit is only 2 years old… The owners did clean the filters, but the amount of dust and dirt in the particular room was affecting the performance drastically. Even with a newer unit, professional maintenance is still very important in a challenging environment. That is, if you want the AC unit to throw air properly, and cool the room!


Cleaning the blower wheel

BELOW: Here is the blower wheel. After carefully disassembling the system, we can get to the wheel, where we can clean. Here is a good picture of the dirty coil and wheel. We do not suggest that homeowners attempt this repair themselves!



BELOW: There is the poor blower wheel, caked with dirt. Had the homeowners not called us in time, this machine would have stopped working completely very soon. Don’t think that a just quick cleaning of those filters are all you need to do. Prompt professional annual maintenance is very important with these high-efficiency Fujitsu machines! A machine this filthy is not blowing clean air into your home, it’s blowing dirty air!


Back in proper working order

BELOW: We are finishing putting back the system. It takes about a hour to disassemble and put back together. The blower assembly had to be taken out and cleaned besides the evaporator coil. Now this Fujitsu machine is ready to work properly and efficiently, the way it was designed to!